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Hi there ! So this is our first post here and since we've already wrote the game description about what Orbiz is, so we'll going to write the some new updates on the game.  The first thing is very obvious that you can get Orbiz and its steam key now with paying $5. But you can try the demo if you're still considering. So our development process is basically running slow from the last February, the month when we released Orbiz as Early Access on Steam. It's because we need to find away how to make this game better and get more attentions. And here is the list for the new updates :

1. New Weapon Effect
New Weapon Effect
We did some reworks for the bullet effect and the above is when you use Electric Gun. We also did the explosion and other bullet or enemy effects.

2. Improved Enemy AI
Improved AI
We have been improving the zombie AI so that they can get stuck by any obstacles anymore. It means that if they're facing an obstacle, they will attack it until the obstacle is destroyed.

3. Select Language
Russian and Chinese for now
This is our first experiment on Steam to reach the bigger market. There are three languages available including english, russian and both traditional and simplified chinese, we will add more language soon such as germany, portuguese, spanish, france, or etc. That's still only for the user interface and words in-game, we're also considering to add a voice over. Since we're a native Indonesian and only know Indonesian and English, we need you guys to check those spell and grammar.

4. Warning !
You can disable the GORE
We noticed that local coop or a game that can be played together more than one person in a couch is fun for a family or a young fellas. So we tried to add an option that can make the gore, or bloody content filtered. We changed the blood color into green and hide some monster that has bloody stuff. 

5. Dumbkey Kong
The Princess is No Longer in Another Castle
It's the next game after Fake-Man and Balada which we adapted from Pac-Man and Balada. It's Dumbkey Kong, a parody game from Dongkey Kong. We just replaced the Mario character into a zombie, and replaced the princess into a portal. So the princess is no longer on another castle. 

6. Unlockable Mini Game
Unlockable Mini Game
After you find and beat the mini game that can be hidden on a level, you can unlock the mini game so that can be played on Extras menu. We will add some stuffs on Extras menu in the future such as monsterpedia, or weaponpedia. But if you have an opinion about it, just tell us via comment.

7. Future Development
Early Access Roadmap
As an Early Access game, we would like to being transparent about our future development of Orbiz. You can check our Early Access Roadmap on our trello page. It's still not so many plan there but we will add more plan soon. Oh and here is the link to access it 
>> trello.com/b/rJlmQ9Ab/orbiz-early-access-roadmap <<
You can also join to our subreddit on reddit.com/r/orbiz




Orbiz Preview Linux 32bit.rar 49 MB
Jun 29, 2017
Orbiz Preview Linux 64bit.rar 50 MB
Jun 29, 2017
Orbiz Preview Mac 32bit.rar 49 MB
Jun 29, 2017
Orbiz Preview Mac 64bit.rar 49 MB
Jun 29, 2017
Orbiz Preview Win 32bit.rar 45 MB
Jun 29, 2017
Orbiz Preview Win 64bit.rar 47 MB
Jun 29, 2017


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semangat gan! sukses dan lancar jaya berkiprah di dunia Game Dev haha :D

jadi inget taun kemaren2 pas ke BIAF mainin ini game di booth

Haha, terima kasih gan, nanti ane cek juga game buatan agan !

eh untuk sekarang mah jangan :v , ane baru aja mulai bikin studio-studioan sama temen hehe, kemaren sendirian baru ikutan 1-Bit Clicker jam (#35) sama event lokal di fb (#1), tapi ntar ngasih tau kalo saya punya game yang "layak" dimainkan haha, btw ntar kalo sekiranya bikin blogpost post-mortem game Orbiz  kasih tau ane ya

Oalah, kemarin udah donlot sih haha. Siap bro, kayaknya pas sudah selesai early access baru bikin post-mortem :D

(1 edit)

sip ditunggu post-mortem nya, yaudah gara gara kemaren udah di donlot wkwk ane sekalian aja minta krisar (kalo mau sih) ini link game bekas kemaren ikutan event lokal : Wizardia - Little Witch and Demons v.1.4 sengaja belum di publish di itch ini, gara - gara A.I Boss nya masih absurd + bakal bikin update ke-5(bug fixing) sama versi HTML5 soalnya heee,